Web Advertising Start The Cost-Effective Technique

This is my final in my Why Blog Series. It will end with reasons 9 and 10. However, there are several more reasons to blog I am sure, and you will discover them, should you decide to utilize this great professional and personal Internet marketing strategy.

Type ‘Notes’ in the search box provided at the top of your Facebook home page. Go to the Notes application. On the left hand side, you will see a link called ‘Edit Settings’. Click on it and a new page will open with a box where you must enter the RSS feed link of your blog. Once you have copy-pasted that RSS link from your blog homepage, hit the ‘Import Blog’ button and your job is done. The RSS feed will automatically provide the link of any new posts you publish on your blog, which will then be visible on Facebook news feed as entries in the ‘Notes’ application. Your previous posts will also be made visible as notes.

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Thanks to the World Wide Web and incredibly shrinking budgets, online marketing has become an part of business. When the internet was first introduced it was seen as new and exciting and a little scary. No one really knew what to do with it. When Netscape entered the scene in 1994 showing people how the web could be used to buy and sell things online and not just as a tool for data, people took interest and with them advertisers. Advertisers saw the medium as a way to use a wide reach and in a very in-expensive way.

A hotel internet marketing marketing strategy is not being on Facebook. A marketing strategy is not being on Twitter or other social sites. A marketing strategy is not sending out press releases to lists of uninterested parties. It is not being listed on marketing sites or any of the other things most think of as a marketing strategy. These are just methods and tools. These tools are used to IMPLEMTENT the underlying marketing strategy.

Here are a few tasks that could become time wasters if you let them. Learning the difference between being productive in your business and just being busy online or offline, can make a big difference for your well you do with your business.

If you are already receiving the traffic and leads you want from your blog, congratulations! You have successfully created a traffic-driving, lead-generating blog campaign. If not, try one or more of the steps above and track your results. Always remember: Test, track and tweak for maximum results.